From Recipes to Shopping Lists

Shopping lists are available directly from your mobile phone using onetsp.mobi. Last week, One tsp. marked its one year anniversary. I’ve been working hard to add new features over the last few months, and for the first anniversary I’m happy to announce that you can now turn your online recipes into shopping lists!

This is the coolest feature yet. I used to think that being able to pull up recipes on my iPhone while in the grocery store was handy. But now, you can add as many recipes as you want to your shopping list and then check off each item on your phone as you find it in the store.

You can also add any other items to your shopping list, even if they have nothing to do with cooking at all.

What I’m trying to say is shopping lists totally rock! Sign up today and try them out.

One tsp.’s mobile interface works on just about any smartphone, but is super handy on iPhone’s and the Palm Pre. If you’re using One tsp. on another mobile phone, tell me about it.


Fixing Up onetsp.mobi for Mobile Users

I’ve been spending some time over the last few nights trying to make sure that Google, Yahoo!, and MSN index the web version of One tsp. and not the mobile version. Seems that the .mobi version of the site shows up more frequently in Google search results, rather than the “desktop” version. Not so good.

I’m also getting a better test suite together of mobile phone emulators to make sure that users with iPhones, BlackBerries, Opera Mini, or any other mobile browser are all seeing relatively the same thing. I don’t expect it to be perfect — I’d just like it to work.

I wanted to also mention that the dev.mobi site (and other sites affiliated, see their header links) has a ton of great information about building mobilized web sites.


One tsp. is Now Live

I’ve been kicking around plans to launch a site for managing recipes online. Somewhere I could store all of my stuff in one place, and still get to it from work or on the go. The site is One tsp., and it’s now open to the public.

Much, much more in the works. So far, it’s a simple, easy place to post recipes – without all of the social networking nonsense.

Web site: http://onetsp.com

Mobile site: http://onetsp.mobi (support for iPhone, BlackBerry, Opera Mini, and other mobile browsers)