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This is Personal—An Update on Security and Privacy for One tsp. Members

If you’re aware of the privacy dust ups around recent news from Instagram, you may have questions about how other free web services, like One tsp., are making use of your personal data. I want to take a moment to highlight a change to the site (also reflected in our Terms of Use).

We are now using SSL connections for all browser sessions on One tsp. This should add additional protection around how passwords, profile details, and your recipes. Payments for Pro Accounts, by the way, are processed by PayPal’s secure servers and have always been protected by higher security.

HTTPS in use on One tsp.

One tsp. is possibly the best place to store all of your recipes online. We don’t share your recipes, your email address, or other personal information with anyone. What you put on One tsp. is for your own personal use, and it will always stay that way.

One tsp. is not cluttered with ads because we provide a free service for storing up to 150 recipes and charge a subscription fee for Pro Accounts that allow you to store additional recipes. And if you really like One tsp., we’ll gladly accept donations toward our hosting fees.

If you ever have any questions about this, please get in touch.

Announcements, Features

Introducing the One-Click Recipe Clipper

I love the wealth of recipes on the Internet. I frequently like to cook new things, rather than constantly turn out old standards. In any given week, I visit at least three different recipe sites in search of something for dinner. Sites like Bon Appetit, Epicurious, AllRecipes, and Food Network (as well as many, many others!) provide an unbelievable selection of recipes within quick reach. And by comparing two versions of the same recipe, I can figure out ways to improvise and make a version that suits me best.

The problem I’ve always had is keeping track of where I’ve found all of these recipes. Many of these sites provide a Recipe Box feature that allows you to collect recipes, yet nearly all of them limit you to collecting recipes from one site. This is why I set out a few years ago to create One tsp. — a place where I can store recipes found anywhere on, or off, the Internet.

Recipe Clipper bookmarklet

The task of copying recipes into One tsp. has gotten a whole lot easier. A few months ago, I released a one-click tool for copying recipes from some of the top recipe sites directly into your One tsp. recipe box. The “Recipe Clipper” is a bookmarklet that you can add to your web browser. It’s just like a bookmark, but instead of pointing to a web address, it contains a small amount of JavaScript code that copies the recipe you’re viewing into your One tsp. account. That’s right… with one click, you can copy an entire recipe right into One tsp. And from there you can add tags, create shopping lists, and go mobile — just like you do with any of the recipes you’ve already added to One tsp.

If you want to see it in action, check out this video demonstration of One tsp. that highlights the bookmarklet.

Then install the Recipe Clipper into your browser* and start clipping recipes.

Instructions for installing on an iPhone or iPad are available in the help articles.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about the clipper. You can always feel free to contact me directly with questions or comments!


* Sorry, but Internet Explorer is not yet supported.


One tsp. is Now Live

I’ve been kicking around plans to launch a site for managing recipes online. Somewhere I could store all of my stuff in one place, and still get to it from work or on the go. The site is One tsp., and it’s now open to the public.

Much, much more in the works. So far, it’s a simple, easy place to post recipes – without all of the social networking nonsense.

Web site:

Mobile site: (support for iPhone, BlackBerry, Opera Mini, and other mobile browsers)