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Contribute Your Changes to Our Help Pages

I receive frequent requests from people asking how they can help with building One tsp., or making the site better. Today, I’m opening up a small opportunity to contribute. You can now find the help pages for One tsp. on GitHub. If you know how to use ‘git’ and can write some very basic HTML, you can grab a copy of our repo and submit new help pages or make corrections to existing pages.

Our public git repo can be found here:

Thanks for your help in making One tsp. better.


3 thoughts on “Contribute Your Changes to Our Help Pages

  1. Now you’re in trouble!

    So lets see…

    On Recipe Detail page

    1. Last Date Cooked: Date this recipe last cooked. Add Button to click that grabs current date.

    2. How many times cooked: Shows total times this recipe has been cooked

    3. Create a settings page to include options like: Show # times cooked, show last cooked, etc.

    4. Add sort option: All time Favorite Recipes (sorted by number of times cooked)

    5. Add sort option: Favorite Recipes (Sorted by number of times cooked – with date boundaries)

    6. Add sort option: Never cooked

    7. Add sort option: Cooked in the last XXXX: Use date boundaries to show last time cooked.

    All this is tied to the simple option of a new database with two fields: Recipe ID, Date Cooked and a single button on the recipe page that adds that recipe and the current date to the database.

    For serious chefs cooking for themselves or families it would be nice to track what they cook when.

    No one else does this and I am sure I am not the only one who would love it.

  2. ummm to be more clear…

    Would require a databse with 4 fields

    Unique Id, Subscriber Id, Recipe Id, Date

    thats it – it would add so much versatility and would drive people to the site more regularly as it become a meal planner while still keeping its beautiful simplicity….

  3. +1 – but no need to normalize it… just add a ‘last_cooked_date’ timestamp to the recipe model/table (since recipes seemed to be tied to specific users), and there ya have it.

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