Lots of Behind-the-Scenes Work

It’s been about six months since I announced the Recipe Clipper on the blog, and I’ve been pretty quiet ever since. Earlier this spring, I was house hunting, which was followed by packing and moving to a new home this summer. This kind of project tends to keep one busy, I must say.

But things are still cranking behind-the-scenes at One tsp.! The Clipper has been awesome. It has literally allowed some One tsp. users to build collections of hundreds, or even thousands, of recipes. Having that many recipes in your account starts to make it difficult to find things. Because of this, I’ve been working on a number of projects to help ensure that One tsp. is fast, stable, and easy to use. These changes may not always be apparent or obvious on the site, but trust me in that they are important to keeping the site alive and well.

I’ve also been working to expand the number of sites from where recipes can be clipped. Aside from the major sites that are named on the Recipe Clipper page, One tsp. now supports clipping from over 200 different recipe web sites. If you have sent me an email asking when the Clipper will work on XYZ web site, please be patient. I’m trying to expand support as much as possible, and as much feasible. (I get a lot of these requests, so my apologies if I have not responded about your specific request!)



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