Use Tags to Categorize Your Recipes

Some users have asked for additional ways to rate their favorite recipes in One tsp.  I made tags available for recipes from the very beginning and they make it easy to slice and dice your recipe list in a variety of ways.

Here are some ideas for new tags you can use to organize your recipes.

Organize levels of difficulty

Many recipe sites have a specific field available for easy, medium, or difficult. Use these tags on each of your recipes to figure out which dishes are going to be a cinch, and which are going to require a little extra motivation.

Additionally, think of using tags like one-dish or casserole to label recipes that are going to make for easy clean up.

Five Stars

We don’t have stars on the site to rate each of your recipes, but you can make your own with tags.  Try tagging recipes with one to five asterisks: *, **, ***, ****, and ***** to highlight which recipes you like best (and least).  Of course, if you don’t like a recipe, why are you keeping it in the first place?

Primary ingredients

This should be an obvious choice.  Most of my recipes are stored with a protein or other primary ingredient.  Think of tags like: chicken, pork, tomato, or tofu.  Additionally, you might specify more general ingredients or descriptions like vegetarian, fat-free, gluten-free, or diabetic to keep track of health-conscious recipes.

Which course?

I use tags like soup, salad, and entree to distinguish recipes that fit specific courses.  Additionally, I’ll use breakfast, lunch, and dinner if I want to split out recipes that maybe I’d only eat in the morning, noon, or evening.

International cuisines

Finally, if you consider yourself a worldly eater, organize each of your recipes according to country of origin.  I have a lot of Japanese and Italian recipes in my cookbook.  Obviously you could use other like Middle-Eastern, Latin-American, or maybe German to organize your own recipes.

Share your ideas

Have your own favorite ideas for tags that I haven’t covered here?  Share them in the comments below!


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